The Anne Tanenbaum Centre for Jewish Studies

About the Centre

Over the past five decades, the University of Toronto has developed one of the best and most comprehensive Jewish Studies programs in North America. Today the Anne Tanenbaum Centre for Jewish Studies (ATCJS) offers courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels in archeology, art, history, languages, literature, performance, philosophy, political science, religion, and sociology. In addition to the Centre's academic offerings, ATCJS offers engaging and innovative programming in the form of lectures, panels, conferences, and performances about an array of Jewish Studies topics to the wider public community. 

Why Choose Jewish Studies?

Judaism is one of the fountainheads of Western culture. In addition, students from a wide range of backgrounds choose Jewish Studies because the Centre’s courses and programs:

  • Foster an understanding of the past through a highly critical engagement with Jewish and other traditions
  • Explain the possibilities of cultural renewal in the face of rapid change
  • Explore the challenges and opportunities of minorities within majority cultures
  • Offer insight into Canada’s remarkable diversity and Canada’s place in an increasingly global society

Areas of Jewish Studies

The Anne Tanenbaum Centre for Jewish Studies builds on the expertise and range of its faculty members. Their diverse strengths are reflected in the four areas of concentration in the ATCJS graduate and undergraduate programs:

  1. Classical Judaism
  2. Jewish Philosophy and Thought
  3. Jewish History and Social Sciences
  4. Jewish Cultures, Languages, and Literatures