Independent Study Courses

What is an Independent Study Course?

The Anne Tanenbaum Centre for Jewish Studies encourages our students to pursue Independent Studies Courses. These courses are available to advanced Jewish Studies students (third year and above) who would like to complete individualized research projects supervised by a ATCJS faculty member. These courses are intended to provide advanced ATCJS students with an opportunity to engage in highly specialized research topics that are not covered in the regular courses. The student and supervisor will make an individualized syllabus with readings, assignments, and a marking scheme for the course and the student will be expected to fulfil the requirements of the syllabus for successful completion of the course.

How do I pursue an Independent Study Course?

Students must propose a specific project to anĀ individual CJS faculty member; the proposal should be as detailed as possible. Once the student has obtained the faculty member's written approval of the project and agreement to supervise the student's project, as well as approval from the Undergraduate Director, the student should contact the Undergraduate Administrator ( and ask to be enrolled in the course. Students cannot enrol themselves in Independent Study Courses on ACORN.

What course codes do I use for my Independent Study Course?

Students can choose to do their Independent Study Courses under the following course codes: CJS396H1 (0.5 credit course to be completed in one semester), CJS499H1 (0.5 credit course to be completed in one semester), and CJS498Y (1.0 credit course to be completed over entire academic year). CJS396H1 should be used if the student is in their third year of study. The two 400-level course codes (CJS499H1 and CJS498Y) should be used if the student is in their fourth year of study or beyond.

I have a question about Independent Study Courses that is not answered on this page, who can I ask?

If you have any questions about Independent Study Courses, please feel free to contact the Undergraduate Administrator ( and/or the Undergraduate Director ( We are happy to help answer any questions you may have and assist you in determining whether an Indpendent Study Course is right for you!