Student Life

Our undergraduate program has a vibrant and active student community. Meet our students and learn why they chose to pursue a program in Jewish Studies. 

Undergraduate student Kayla Shainhouse

Kayla Shainhouse

4th Year

Health & Disease, Physiology and Jewish Studies 

"I decided to enrol in a ATCJS program because it is a stark contrast from my other programs, and it allows me to enrich my Jewish education in a more academic setting." 

Favourite Course: Jews in Germany after the Holocaust






Undergraduate student Chris Simpson

Christopher Simpson 

5th Year 

Human Geography, History and Jewish Studies 

"I enrolled in a Jewish Studies minor because of the small discussion-based classes. I was able to engage with my professors and fellow students while discussing and debating the fascinating subject matter." 

Favourite Course: Mizrahim in Israel: History, Politics, and Culture with Professor Yigal Nizri. 




Sofia Freudenstein Undergraduate Student

Sofia Freudenstein

4th Year 

Jewish Studies and Philosophy

Sofia hopes to incorporate the knowledge she has gained through Jewish Studies into the rabbinate, by having a greater understanding of how Judaism as a religion developed over time, and how it manifests socially and philosophically. She has felt that learning Jewish sources in an academic context has actually improved her own personal religious connection to Judaism, by recognizing Judaism as multi-vocal and giving her opportunities to familiarize herself with important sources and literature. 

Favourite Courses: Professor Leonid Livak's Imaginary Jew, Professor Kenneth Green's class on Kabbalah, and Professor David Novak's seminar on the thought of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel. 


Photo of Constance Chan

Constance Chan

Alumnus, graduated from ATCJS Undergraduate in June 2018

"ATCJS has been my home away from home during my studies at the University of Toronto. The Centre has opened my eyes to a vibrant cultural world that I would not have had the opportunity nor courage to discover on my own. ATCJS has also encouraged me on several of my research projects. With the guidance of several people at the Centre, I was able to successfully embark on my very first research trip to Berlin in my fourth year. On the same trip, I discovered a different topic which led to my Master’s paper."

Favourite Course: The Holocaust in Literature co-taught by Professor Doris Bergen and Professor Anna Shternshis




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