ATCJS Graduate, Dr. Joanna Krongold, Featured in "Canadian Jewish Studies" Journal

November 9, 2021 by Anne Tanenbaum Centre for Jewish Studies

The Anne Tanenbaum Centre for Jewish Studies is excited to announce the publication of the most recent volume of the "Canadian Jewish Studies" journal, dedicated to Canadian Holocaust Literature. The "Canadian Jewish Studies" Journal, published in English and French annually since 1993 by the Association for Canadian Jewish Studies, focuses on the Canadian Jewish experience within a multitude of disciplines including history, political science, economics, religion, linguistics, literature and more.

The latest volume comprises of various articles on Canadian Holocaust Literature by numerous academics, including Dr. Joanna Krongold, a graduate of the CJS PhD Program. Dr. Krongold’s article is titled “History with Heart: Canadian Holocaust Literature for Young People":

This article addresses the emergence of the Canadian Holocaust literature canon for young readers, closely examining the work of Carol Matas and Kathy Kacer to  explore  how  the  Holocaust  can  be  narrated  for  children.  Largely  understudied despite  their  productivity  and  popularity,  Matas  and  Kacer  rely  on  the  narrative strategy  of  blending  invented  or  imagined  characters  with  factually  accurate  sit-uations and experiences. By using the tools that historical fiction offers, these two prolific Canadian authors demonstrate the possibilities of multifaceted, educational, and engaging texts about the Holocaust for young people while preserving the “open hearts” of the characters at the centre of their stories.

You can access the electronic version of the journal for free, at Print copies are also available by special order at